Chan Luu Wrap Bracelets… Inspired

One of the latest bracelet trends I’ve been eyeing the past year or so are the handmade, unique Chan Luu wrap bracelets.  They remind me of friendship bracelets we all donned back in the 90s, but with a modern, chic, adult twist. Worn by many celebs, I knew I had to get my hands on one.

Photos courtesy of Chan Luu.

Needless to say, when I saw the price tags on the wrap bracelets (usually ranging from $200 – $300), I knew I needed to find a cheaper alternate… stat. A quick Google search led me to one of my favorite crafty websites, Etsy.  I just about died when I saw the collection of seller JustHipStuff’s “Chan Luu Inspired” wrap bracelets featuring various wrap sizes (1x – 5x), all within a decent price range of $24.99 – $74.99. A black leather, petwter beaded 4x wrap bracelet for $59.99 immediately caught my eye and was purchased. I received my bracelet in the mail a few days later and I couldn’t be happier! The bracelet can be easily worn layered with other bracelets or on it’s own. It’s versatility also goes well with my black- and gray-heavy wardrobe.

My new “Chan Luu inspired” wrap bracelet!

Now if only I had a (real) Micheal Kors watch for my other wrist…


One thought on “Chan Luu Wrap Bracelets… Inspired

  1. I want one of these sooo bad! Good to know about the other options on etsy, live that community and love supporting the artist community 🙂

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