The Barcelona Chair

Photo courtesy of Knoll

The Barcelona chair is arguably one of the most recognized pieces in the Interior Architecture world, let alone the furniture industry. Designed by Mies van der Rohe in 1929, this symbol of modernism has been on the forefront of design for decades. Originally created for placement inside the Barcelona Pavillion at the Universal Exhibition, it has lived on as a stand-alone icon for nearly 100 years.

At first glance, it strikes one as a product of the Bauhaus movement. Although it was created during the era’s philosophy of practicality, usage and impeccable design for the common man, this piece radiates a different concept; albeit clean and streamlined, it is anything but common. Conspicuous without being terribly loud, the Barcelona chair emits absolute contemporary aristocracy without pretentiousness.

American furniture manufacturer, Knoll has the pleasure of holding the sole rights to this monumental icon. Keeping with Mies van der Rohe’s original fabrication practice, the chrome-plated steel frame and leather upholstered body are still crafted by hand to this day. A statement piece in a class of its own, the Barcelona chair will be forever lusted after across the globe.

At $8,000.00 a pop, where else can we find Bauhaus-Modernist-Mies van der Rohe inspired pieces? Below are some options.  Initially speaking, they still seem expensive but relative to the situation, they are highly discounted.  Remember, they are replicas and “inspirations” of the real thing.  It cannot be promised that the quality will matched.

“Mies van der Rohe inspired – Barcelona Chair Reproduction” $1,029.00

“Exposition Chair” $999.00

“BN Chair by Nuovo” $699.00


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