Ride away with this amazing bargain on boots.

I’ve been shopping all my life, and I feel like I still have nothing to wear! If you’re anything like me, I’m constantly trying to keep up with the latest trends that seemingly change over night, especially when it comes to shoes.  One of the hottest trends this fall/winter has been the “riding boot.”  You can catch all of the exclusive celebrities wearing these “fashion casual” boots everywhere.  But unlike most celebrities, we don’t have limitless wallets.  Some of the top brands such as Michael Kors or Frye can run anywhere from $250 up and past $500 per pair!

Photo courtesy of endless.com

Those numbers don’t fit into most of our wallets who are on a frugal budget.  After being on the hunt for the perfect boot, I stumbled upon Urbanog.com, which now has become my online shopping BFF.  Urbanog.com has every style of shoe imaginable with prices that cannot be beat.  I was a bit skeptical about buying the boots from an online website with such low prices and not being able to see the boots until they arrived at my doorstep.  I have been very pleasantly surprised!

The quality of the material (leatherette) is great. The zipper, which I was most worried about, is sturdy and the boot itself is one of the most comfortable pair of boots I own.  Without a doubt, these have been the best $40.00 (free shipping!) that I have spent on a pair of boots.

Sign up for the mailing list and receive $5 promo code, a promo code will be emailed to you shortly after you sign up.  I recommend Urbanog.com to anyone! Your wallet, style and feet will thank you.


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