Fishtail Braid

I feel like this is old news but I have just recently been getting in to it.  Everyone in Hollywood and on the runway seem to be sporting messy side braids, fishtails, etc.  I love the look of the messy French braid but unfortunately, I am a dummy and haven’t ever been able to get it down.  So, I resort to the Fishtail braid!  In my opinion, they are easier to do and are really starting to grow on me.  They have that whole shabby-chic thing going for them that everyone still seems be in love with.  The hipster just won’t die.

Photos courtesy of LeahBeautyBox

How-to for Fishtail Braid (dumb-girls French braid):

Whether you want to do a large fishtail (incorporate all of your hair into one braid) or small (maybe just along your hairline), the instructions are the same; it just takes some finessing on your end to make it work.

So unlike the French Braid that requires you to be constantly incorporating & overlapping hair into three sections, the fishtail only overlaps two.

First, separate hair into two chunks.

You will begin by taking a piece from the outside of the left side and pulling it over so it crosses to the right side; make sure you hold it securely.  Then, take a piece from the outside of the right side and pull it over.

You will repeat this in an overlapping/crossing manner with small pieces of hair from the outsides until you reach the nape of your neck (or your desired look is acheived).  The tricky part is keeping the hair taut as you are pulling hair from each side.

Just like with braiding, as you incorporate new pieces from the outsides in, you need to keep a firm hold on it as you move down the braid and add more hair.  You will master it eventually; in my opinion, it is so much easier than French braiding


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