Free Pilates!

Pilates is a great workout!  It’s great for toning, strengthening, and lengthening your muscles and body.  But no matter where you live, the classes are very expensive!  Privates can be $90.00+ a session where memberships for group floor classes are around $200.00 a month.

Fortunately for all of the broke gals and boys out there, I have discovered Blogilates.  One-woman show Cassey Ho runs this great blog as well as YouTube Channel showcasing her tutorials and at-home use videos.  She is knowledgeable, bubbly, and really gets you sweating.

I have done two sessions so far and both were great!  They are free, accessible, and actually give you a great workout!  I highly recommend checking her out and giving them a try 🙂

First is Summer Slim-down.  It is a two part workout; definitely do both back to back for the desired result! I found this to be very core/back/arm intensive.

Second is New Body Makeover.  This one was ridiculous (In a good way, Cassey!).  It works out your arms, legs, and abs.  For days after, I especially felt it in my inner thighs; it was super leg intensive which is what I am always looking for!

She has a wide array of videos on her YouTube Channel and website.  I’m excited to have found her and will be following her for quite a long time!


One thought on “Free Pilates!

  1. Cassey is so inspirational. I have been doing her Pop Pilates workouts for a couple of weeks now. They really workout my core through every move. These are some of the best at home workout videos you can find on the internet. Summer Slimdown is one of the favorites!

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