Save that Gooey Nail Polish

We all have those bottles of nail polish that might be a little old and have gotten goopy, gooey, and gross.  Although they are impossible to use, you do not have to toss these out!  Most of the time, it is salvageable! Just add some nail polish remover to the bottle and shake it up.

Cutex Nail Polish remover, $2.69 at Walgreens

After your first try, check it out and see how smoothly it applies.  If it is still pretty thick, try again.  Do it a couple of times until you reach a good consistency that you can work with.

Another tip, don’t store your polishes where there is a lot of heat; this adds to the goop factor!

Pictured: Essie’s Casy Study.  $6.00-8.00


2 thoughts on “Save that Gooey Nail Polish

  1. Thanks Sandi! Just got my nails done last night and the salon used gooey polish and I didn’t get two miles from the place before I had nicks and marks over my brand new nails! I’m going to mention it and also bring my own polish in the future! AD

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