Go for a Polish Change!

As in nails, not people from Poland!

Do you love having natural, manicured nails because for some reason, you can never paint them as well as a professional?  Unfortunately, even when painted by a pro, the polish just doesn’t stay on.  No matter what, your nails are chipped within days of having them done.  Does this tempt you to go in for a manicure as often as once a week?  The bummer is, even the “cheap” express manicures/pedicures can be $15.00-25.00.

Solution?  Go for a polish change!  They aren’t as intensive as the manicure (no cuticle trimming, detailed shaping, or massage) but they will beautifully paint your nails, gloss them up with a good layer of top coat, and some will give some slight nail shaping.  You walk out in less than half the time with what looks like a fresh manicure.  The golden ticket: most places charge around $5.00!

It is a great option for in-between mani’s or when you want to try out a new color on a whim!

Photo Courtesy of Beaut.Ie


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