Clementine Oil Candle

We have been seeing these Clementine Candles popping up all over the place lately.  Have they intrigued you as much as they have me?  Apartment Therapy and Pinterest have been boasting videos and “How-To’s” for awhile now.  After seeing this over and over, I knew I had to try it on my own to see if it worked and was as easy as they say.

First Step, ingredients:

  • Olive Oil
  • Orange (I used a naval orange even though clementines are what are frequently displayed)  
  • Paring Knife (or any small knife that you can agilely handle)
  • Fire of some sort

Cut the orange around it’s circumference, careful to only cut through the peel; don’t slice the orange in half.  Carefully slide your thumb under the skin, turning the orange and you separate the peel from the fruit.

Once the peel is mostly pulled from the fruit, the next step is to completely remove it.  Again, carefully pull each half off.  One half will have a hole at the top and the other will contain the white, septum-like part of the peel that goes up through the middle of the orange.  IMPORTANT: Do not sever this!  You need this septum to act as the wick of the candle and it MUST stay intact.

I tried to be fancy by cutting a diamond into the half with the hole.  Not much of a success.  But, it is important that you cut the hole larger as this is where the heat/smoke will escape through.

Fill the half with the wick about a quarter full with the olive oil.  Make sure to fully saturate the wick.  The oil is necessary to keep the candle burning so make sure you have enough but not so much that the wick is submerged.

It might take a few tries to get the wick lit.  It took me about 3 minutes of constant trying.  Don’t give up, it will light!  If you are still running into trouble, try to oil up the wick again and then give it another whirl with the fire.

Place the half with the hole on top of the lit portion and Voila!  You have an Orange Candle!

This candle can only burn while it has oil.  Constantly monitor it to make sure there is enough oil to keep it lit!  Also, don’t be a fool and walk away; fire does burn houses down, remember?

Demonstration Video from Apartment Therapy.


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