Grooveshark Free Music Streaming

In a pinch for that perfect song but you don’t want to go to the iTunes store to buy it?  Wish you could listen to it for free without doing something illegal?  That is why I love Grooveshark.  You can legally stream music instantly from your computer and they literally have almost any song you can think of.  It is similar to Pandora but I think it is better as there are no commercials and you have more control over exactly what you want to hear.

Grooveshark is free and easy to sign up.  I just logged in through my facebook account. You can make your own playlists, listen to stations, and much more.  Being a free streaming surface, you can’t actually save and download any of the songs.  You always have to stream from the website.  This is sort of a bummer for people who want to make the music portable.  For this, Spotify is great.  You can download the app on an iPhone or Android and take the streaming wherever you like!  As expected, these free music options all have opportuities to splurge for a “premium account” where you get perks, better access, etc.  I never opt to go this route as the basic functions are all that I need.

At the end of the day, I’m a Grooveshark fan but do whatever works best for you.  Happy listening!


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