The 100 Workout

Clear out that coffee table and draw the blinds (seriously, you don’t want your neighbors to catch this)!  Time for another in-house workout from the interwebs.

I actually found this workout through Pinterest but no one owns it…. I hope.

Photo courtesy of Yoga Princess.

At first glance, I thought it looked easy.  Then I realized it probably wasn’t that easy.   It was challenging but not impossible.  Improv is always good!

Tips from an amatuer:

  • Take the jumping jacks seriously.  These aren’t for slacking off and rest.  Go quickly and use correct form.
  • The squats are killer!  If this part is easy, you are definitely doing it wrong. Check your form here.
  • The leg lift part might seem vague.  I took that as an inner thigh leg lift, seen here.  I tried to do as many as required at this stage on EACH leg.  IE: 70 on the right, 70 on the left; 30 on the right, 30 on the left.  This was challenging.  Do what you can 🙂
  • Don’t skip the run at the end!  So important to get that bit of steady cardio in.  But, in my opinion, 10 minutes is for whimps.

I am definitely going to keep this one in the rotation and will track my progress and share BGT!


3 thoughts on “The 100 Workout

  1. Tried this tonight! I think I’ll be feeling it tomorrow 🙂 As a quick note, I did 4 different ab exercises during the “crunches” sets to equal the total amount (90 and 50). Thought it would be a great way to hit all sections (upper, lower and obliques)! Thanks for the tip. Like you said, I’ll be adding this to my repetoire of at-home workouts.

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