Progress Report

Just a quick little check in! I’ve been on my “lifestyle change” diet for about a week now and have some positive results thus far. I’ve lost 7 pounds already! Now, before you get excited because of this miracle, it was that time of the month for me last week (sorry, TMI) so I’d guess that 2-3 of those pounds are legit.

Regardless, this is good news! Way to boost my ego to help me keep on trucking.

A reminder on what I’ve been doing:

-low carb (basically no processed carbs, sugar, flour-based products)
-no artificial ANYTHING
-only drinking water
-lots of fruits and veggies
-turkey and tuna for a big portion of my animal based protein
-no soy!

I’ve been doing the 100 workout basically everyday with different forms of cardio thrown in.

Give it a whirl! It’s definitely worth the effort.


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