Budget Friendly Yoga Mat?

An awesome Groupon deal was recently referred to me from a friend that I couldn’t pass up!  I am now the proud purchaser of 30 yoga classes.  As much as I love yoga, truth be told, I am desperately need a new yoga mat and would like to purchase one before I begin any new classes.  I have been using the same cheap yoga mat for 4-5 years now and while it’s functional, I sweat a lot and slip and slide around the mat.  As a quick fix I usually just place a bath towel over my mat.  I am looking to purchase a new, non-slip mat or perhaps a non-slip towel, but nice yoga equipment is usually quite expensive.

After perusing the internet, here are my current top options:

Gaiam Premium Sticky MatGaiam Premium Sticky Yoga Mat, Gaiam, $29.98

Yogitoes Skidless Yoga TowelYogitoes Skidless Premium Mat-Size Yoga Towel, Amazon, $47.95

Aurorae Northern Lights Yoga Mat, Amazon, $44.95

Nike Dual-Sided Yogirl Yoga MatNike Dual-Sided Yogirl Yoga Mat, Sports Authority, $31.99

I have heard about and read reviews that Manduka is honestly one of the best brands of yoga mats around.  However, one of the cheapest Manduka mats I could find on Amazon was quite pricey.

Manduka BlackMatPRO 71-Inch Yoga MatManduka BlackMatPRO 71-Inch Yoga Mat, Amazon, $84

Is a more expensive and reputable yoga mat worth the investment?  What yoga mats or equipment do you use?


5 thoughts on “Budget Friendly Yoga Mat?

  1. Lauren-
    I don’t know a lot about the other mats, but I personally LOVE my skidless. I use it on top of an old mat I got second hand from my mom who got it at Ross or something, but just using the skidless makes me feel more pro in the studio. I love the texture (big tactile kind of person) which is so much nicer than any mat, and the nubs solve the gripping issue and the towel soaks up the sweat. It might be a great place to start as an investment and then as you deepen your practice swap out a nicer mat, cause it works with whatever. I’m not sure what’s available on Amazon, but there’s a great variety of colors at yogitoes.com (I’m really in love with the sutra collection).

    Let me know what you go with, I would love to follow this blog post!


  2. Personally I don’t invest a lot of money into my mat. I have a long (about 74 inch) mat that is “extra thick” at 1/4 of an inch, its also anti bacterial, I bought it for $15, on yoga accessories. It was on BOGO, and I still haven’t used the one I got for free.

    I have been practicing yoga with the same mat for almost 2.5 years. I give it a good rinse bi-weekly and made a spray for it. Some people said it smells when you first buy it, I let it air dry outside, never had a problem. I practice hot vinyasa and Bikram yoga.

    Now, the towel, I would go Yogitoes. Unfortunately, they are expensive and the colors run like a marathon! I bought the Ganesh one, a deep teal, and let it soak in warm water 2-3 times before I even used it. If you are proactive with soaking and NEVER EVER EVER wash it on warm with other things like I did, then you are good.

    Some people like YogaRat towels on amazon, but they don’t have sticky silicone nubs like Yogitoes. I’m currently looking for a way to DIY a yoga towel like Yogitoes, the Google search led me here. Weird.

    Hope this helps!

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