Currently Obsessed With….Hot Pink Trousers

Long time no blog! Just wanted to make a quick post about a new thing I am currently obsessed with for spring – BRIGHT colors! I recently purchased these hot pink trousers from H&M for an amazing deal of $14.95. Adding a pop of color into your daily wardrobe through shoes, a fun purse, pants, or even a cardigan is an easy way to embody spring.


H&M Trousers, $14.95

DIY Show stopping scarves!

With the new year and recently becoming engaged, I have found myself putting my budget at the top of my priority list and it being even more strict than before. However, a tight budget doesn’t always mix well with a shopaholic. I have managed to stay under my budget with all of the help from my internet BFF, Pinterest! I’ve been in need for a new scarf for awhile but I haven’t allowed myself to spend the money on the $45.00 scarf I saw at Macy’s.  So, I decided to make my own! For how much you ask? FREE!   Here’s how:

You need:

  • Old tee-shirt
  • scissors
  • glue
  1. Lay the t-shirt flat on the ground. Use your scissors to cut about 1″ rows of fabric all the way to the armpit of the shirt.

(The dog is optional ha. )

2. Pull each strand so it is stretched out and each piece is around the same length.

Photo Courtesy of Ette Studios

  • Gather all of the pieces together. I looped them on the palm of my hand so they were all hanging from my hand at full length. Since I used a shirt that had a seam in it, i put all of the seams together so they were easier to hide.

    Photo Courtesy Ette Studios

    3. Cut an additional piece of fabric from the shirt to use to wrap around the seams to cover them and also add some design to your scarf. Glue the end of the additional fabric down so it doesn’t come loose.

4. You can play around with what you want to add to your scarf, or just leave it plain, but I wanted to add some subtle “bling” to mine.  I had an old necklace from Forever 21 laying around that was perfect.  It was added simply by mixing the chain in with my fabric and braiding it in. I wrapped the additional fabric around the top of the chain where the seams of the shirt were being covered to make sure the chain would be secure.

5.  You’re finished! Best part of these is that they are totally custom and so easy to make! You can dress them up or wear them with your favorite casual outfit as well for a little added flare!

I’d love to see what you all come up with!

Accessorize for New Year’s Eve!

Have plans for a New Year’s Eve party but can’t afford a new outfit?  Never fear!  There are a ton of fun (and inexpensive) ways to spruce up a LBD or any ordinary outfit to feel fun and sassy for the big night.

Asos Suzy Smith Sequin Party Clutch Bag

Suzy Smith Sequin Party Clutch Bag, Asos, $27.27

Clovers & Pearlescent Beads Fringe NecklaceClovers & Pearlescent Beads Fringe Necklace, Forever 21, $14.80

Target Womens Bliss Sparkle PumpBliss Sparkle Pump, Target, $34.99

Weberline Couture Crystal Embellished HeadbandWeberline Couture Crystal Embellished Headband, Macy’s, $21.99

Aldo Winterfeld BraceletWinterfeld Bracelet, Aldo, $17.98

J.Crew Skinny Glitter BeltSkinny Glitter Belt, J.Crew, $29.50

Sephora by OPI As Good As GoldSephora by OPI As Good As Gold, Sephora, $9.50

Geo Seed Bead Duster EarringsGeo Seed Bead Duster Earrings, Urban Outfitters, $24

An Idiot’s Guide to Sewing a Coat Button

I recently found myself in a fashion predicament: a few buttons on my favorite coat popped off.  My experience in sewing was limited to my middle school home-ec class, but I was determined to fix my buttons myself without a trip to the local alterations shop.

Luckily, I was able to find an easy, step-by-step guide online.

What you need:

  • A basic hand sewing needle
  • A double threaded thread, knotted
  • Button(s)
  • Jacket or coat

The video is easy to follow and sewing the buttons back on my coat was quick and harmless!  This is definitely a useful skill you will be able to use again and again in the future.

Baby, it’s cold outside!

As I am writing this, Denver is experiencing an unbelievable cold front and the temperature is currently -2.  We have had non-stop snow the past few days and it is absolutely frigid outside!  As much as I love my Hunter wellies that I splurged on last year, I am in desperate need of a new pair of inexpensive, waterproof, yet stylish winter boots.

Perusing the internet, I was a bit doubtful. However, I found a few great options, all under $60!

Dirty Laundry Piccadily Rain Bootie

Dirty Laundry Piccadilly, DSW, $54.95

Totes Puff Winter Boots

Totes Puff Winter Boots, Kohls, on sale for $48.99

Sperry Top-Sider Sydney

Sperry Top-Sider Sydney,, $49.99

Khombu Bounce Hi

Khombu Bounce Hi, Famous Footwear, $59.99

Propet Magala

Propet Magala,, $58.95

Now I don’t know which ones to get!  Do you wear waterproof boots in the winter?

Fishtail Braid

I feel like this is old news but I have just recently been getting in to it.  Everyone in Hollywood and on the runway seem to be sporting messy side braids, fishtails, etc.  I love the look of the messy French braid but unfortunately, I am a dummy and haven’t ever been able to get it down.  So, I resort to the Fishtail braid!  In my opinion, they are easier to do and are really starting to grow on me.  They have that whole shabby-chic thing going for them that everyone still seems be in love with.  The hipster just won’t die.

Photos courtesy of LeahBeautyBox

How-to for Fishtail Braid (dumb-girls French braid):

Whether you want to do a large fishtail (incorporate all of your hair into one braid) or small (maybe just along your hairline), the instructions are the same; it just takes some finessing on your end to make it work.

So unlike the French Braid that requires you to be constantly incorporating & overlapping hair into three sections, the fishtail only overlaps two.

First, separate hair into two chunks.

You will begin by taking a piece from the outside of the left side and pulling it over so it crosses to the right side; make sure you hold it securely.  Then, take a piece from the outside of the right side and pull it over.

You will repeat this in an overlapping/crossing manner with small pieces of hair from the outsides until you reach the nape of your neck (or your desired look is acheived).  The tricky part is keeping the hair taut as you are pulling hair from each side.

Just like with braiding, as you incorporate new pieces from the outsides in, you need to keep a firm hold on it as you move down the braid and add more hair.  You will master it eventually; in my opinion, it is so much easier than French braiding

An Ode to Piperlime

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving and was able to spend time with family and friends and stuff their bellies full!  As much as I love shopping, I stayed away from Black Friday this year.  To be honest, I’m not a big fan of the huge crowds and early-morning madness unless there is something I absolutely NEED to buy.  Additionally, I will be traveling this Christmas so I prefer Cyber Monday, which allows me to ship gifts directly to my parents’ house and not worry about the hassle of gift-packing.

Cyber Monday is truly a virtual Black Friday and most stores offer free shipping combined with other great deals.  While I’m perusing the internet for gift deals, I usually can’t help but order some clothes for myself from my absolute favorite online clothing store – Gap-owned Piperlime.

Here are just a few reasons why I love Piperlime:

  1. Free shipping – all day, every day
  2. Free returns – they provide a packing slip for easy mail returns
  3. Their amazing, ever-changing inventory of apparel – ranging from inexpensive, cute items to high end clothing from brands such as House of Harlow, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, and more
  4. Cross promotions, offers and coupons with Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, and Athleta
  5. The ability to use your Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic card on all purchases – yeah baby!

Probably about 1/3 of my wardrobe is courtesy of Piperlime.  Not only do they have perfect wardrobe staples, but also an awesome selection of holiday wares.

I recently purchased this belted sweater dress and lace tights, perfect for holiday parties to be paired with chic black booties and fun accessories.  This provides ultimate comfiness and the versatility to dress up or down.

Tinley Road Belted Sweater Dress

Tinley Road Belted Sweater Dress, $69

Baroque Lace Tight

Hue Baroque Lace Tight, $18

DV by Dolce Vita Banya Booties

DV by Dolce Vita Banya Booties, $119

Here are a few other fun holiday outfit ideas to take advantage of on Cyber Monday when deals will be abundant and the prices will likely drop even lower!

Tulle Lace DressBCBG Jodie

Michael Kors Sequined TopTulle Faux Fur Leopard Jacket

Ark & Co. Pleated Midi DressHive & Honey Rope BraceletSteve Madden PammyFree People Wide Stripe Pullover Sweater

Kate Spade Little GiaHudson Mid Rise Super Skinny Coated Jeans

Tulle Lace Dress, $69
BCBGeneration Jodie, $89

Michael Kors Ikat Leopard Sequin Top, $79.50
Tulle Faux Fur Jacket, $89
Ark & Co. Pleated Midi Dress, $59
Hive & Honey Rope Wrap Bracelet, $34

Steve Madden Pammy Pumps, $100
Free People Wide Stripe Pullover Sweater, $108
Kate Spade Little Gia, $75
Hudson Jeans Mid Rise Super Skinny Coated Jeans, $198

Ride away with this amazing bargain on boots.

I’ve been shopping all my life, and I feel like I still have nothing to wear! If you’re anything like me, I’m constantly trying to keep up with the latest trends that seemingly change over night, especially when it comes to shoes.  One of the hottest trends this fall/winter has been the “riding boot.”  You can catch all of the exclusive celebrities wearing these “fashion casual” boots everywhere.  But unlike most celebrities, we don’t have limitless wallets.  Some of the top brands such as Michael Kors or Frye can run anywhere from $250 up and past $500 per pair!

Photo courtesy of

Those numbers don’t fit into most of our wallets who are on a frugal budget.  After being on the hunt for the perfect boot, I stumbled upon, which now has become my online shopping BFF. has every style of shoe imaginable with prices that cannot be beat.  I was a bit skeptical about buying the boots from an online website with such low prices and not being able to see the boots until they arrived at my doorstep.  I have been very pleasantly surprised!

The quality of the material (leatherette) is great. The zipper, which I was most worried about, is sturdy and the boot itself is one of the most comfortable pair of boots I own.  Without a doubt, these have been the best $40.00 (free shipping!) that I have spent on a pair of boots.

Sign up for the mailing list and receive $5 promo code, a promo code will be emailed to you shortly after you sign up.  I recommend to anyone! Your wallet, style and feet will thank you.

Chan Luu Wrap Bracelets… Inspired

One of the latest bracelet trends I’ve been eyeing the past year or so are the handmade, unique Chan Luu wrap bracelets.  They remind me of friendship bracelets we all donned back in the 90s, but with a modern, chic, adult twist. Worn by many celebs, I knew I had to get my hands on one.

Photos courtesy of Chan Luu.

Needless to say, when I saw the price tags on the wrap bracelets (usually ranging from $200 – $300), I knew I needed to find a cheaper alternate… stat. A quick Google search led me to one of my favorite crafty websites, Etsy.  I just about died when I saw the collection of seller JustHipStuff’s “Chan Luu Inspired” wrap bracelets featuring various wrap sizes (1x – 5x), all within a decent price range of $24.99 – $74.99. A black leather, petwter beaded 4x wrap bracelet for $59.99 immediately caught my eye and was purchased. I received my bracelet in the mail a few days later and I couldn’t be happier! The bracelet can be easily worn layered with other bracelets or on it’s own. It’s versatility also goes well with my black- and gray-heavy wardrobe.

My new “Chan Luu inspired” wrap bracelet!

Now if only I had a (real) Micheal Kors watch for my other wrist…