Air Plants

Earlier in the year, my Step-Mom bought and hung some air plants in her home.  I loved them immediately; they really struck me as incredibly ethereal and unique.  These air plants, or Tillandsia, have been popping up frequently in home decor magazines and boutiques.  I have even seen some being sold in a chic, little shop on my street for $60.00+ dollars when mounted in the glass orbs!

Photo courtesy of West Elm.

Never fear, you do not need to spend $60.00 or more on these little celestial displays.  The plants can be purchased at a local nursery or online.  A couple of sites that will ship to your door can be found here and here.  You can buy your display/orb/case on these sites as well.  But I suggest going to Michaels, Home Goods, or online shops by googling “Hanging Terrarium” or “Terrarium Orb”.  You can find some for $8.00-$15.00.  I even suggest checking out thrift stores, antique stores, and yard sales.  You could get away with some of these for an unbelievably low price.

They can be suspended, grown on a piece of wood, or used as part of your table display!  They are incredibly versatile.

Photo Courtesy of LivBit.

Photo Courtesy of Apartment Therapy.

Photo Courtesy of Floral Grubb Gardens.

I prefer them suspended.  You can hang them with whatever works for you; string, twine, fishing line, etc.  I recommend mounting them at different heights to give a more dynamic, whimsical look.  I envision them in an office, powder room, or kitchen but they truly would look beautiful anywhere!

Photo Courtesy of LivBit.


Although they seem like they are an arid, self suffient plant, they do need attentive care.  See here and here for suggested care instructions.