Cheap Workouts at Home? There’s an App for that.

First things first, this is the cheapest thing I have ever used from Nike…because it is free!  A slight set-back being that it is an iPhone app.  No iPhone, no free workout app.  Apple always seems to be winning.

Living in Los Angeles, the gym memberships are sky high.  The fitness clubs can be up to $150.00 a month while the boutique yoga and pilates studios are even higher!  We always have excuses for not being able to work out and expense is definitely a legitimate one.  Another issue that I often struggle with is my hermititus.  I often get into funky moods where I don’t want to leave my house; the thought of driving all the way to the gym seems so difficult and out of reach.  Thankfully, we can download the Nike Training Club app for free AND you do the workouts in the comfort of your own livingroom.

I understand that there is some skepticism with at home workouts.  It is easy to cheat, the moves can be difficult to learn on your own, and boredom sets in.  Honestly, how many times can you do that Suzanne Sommers Thigh Master toning video before you just go eat some cheetos and sit on the couch?  Fortunately, the Nike Training Club is super dynamic and easy to follow along!

There are 4 categories:

  • Get Lean-High interval cardio drills to slim down
  • Get Toned-Light weights and intervals to add definition
  • Get Strong-Increased weights and reps to build strength
  • Get Focused-15 minute workouts to target specific areas (butt buster, arm definer, back definer, etc)

Photo courtesy of Nike

Once you choose a category, you are prompted to choose a skill level (beginner, intermediate, advanced).  I choose intermediate as I am in decent shape.  I made sure to do the “Get Toned” because I didn’t have any weights at my home.  Once I selected this category, I was given a wide array of choice workouts in the cardio section ranging from 30-45 minutes.  There is a photo slideshow with descriptive text for each move so you can learn how to do it before the workout once you have selected one.

Photo courtesy of Nike

A great perk to this app is it logs your minutes spent working out!  It has pre-set goals for perks, new workouts, tips, and other rewards as you hit each minutes logged milestone.  It’s a great way to motivate you to keep going and as you unlock new workouts, the chances of you getting bored with monotony goes down.

Photo courtesy of Nike

I experienced a very challenging, yet not intimidating workout to do at home.  I was definitely a huffing and puffing sweaty mess at the end of it.   I suggest everyone with an iPhone give this a whirl; I really feel like it is worth it!