Make your hair feel like a million bucks, for less than $20!

I have been on the hunt for years to find the perfect shampoo and conditioner for my hair. Keeping your look up to date means changing your hair style or color. All of the chemicals, products and styling tools that we subject our beautiful tresses to can do some serious damage. How many of us knew that the shampoo and conditioner can do just as much damage as those chemicals do? The sulfates in most shampoos and conditioners are harsh detergents with small molecules that penetrate into the shaft of the hair and strip away color, moisture, dirt and weaken the hair. Uh, that doesn’t sound so hot.  So that fantastic color that you just splurged on for yourself? It’ll most likely be faded 75% within 3 weeks. Bummer.

After all of my product testing and navigation for a product that will rescue my hair from all of the damage, i finally found a winner! I never expected to find the winner without looking, but I did! And here it is!


A company I was recently introduced to, Melaleuca, carries the products.  Sei Bella Luxary hair care line and Affinia hair care line.

I tried the Sei Bella moisture shampoo right after I got my hair colored. Normally, I would see my color washing out in front of my eyes. But with the Sei Bella, I hardly saw any color coming out.  The Affinia moisture conditioner started working right on contact with my hair.  I could feel a huge difference just in the product itself.  It wasn’t heavy or super creamy like most conditioners.


These two products made my hair super easy to manage and comb through.  The real test is the blow drying and styling part. Again, these products nailed the taming of the frizz and knots right on the head (No pun intended.)  Score! Another great thing about both products (and all of Melaleuca’s products) is that they are a “going green” company and don’t use all of the harmful chemicals that other name brands do.

And did I mention the BEST part? The hair care product line is so incredibly affordable. I signed up with Melaleuca as a preferred customer (for $1.00, again , you can’t beat it) The Sei Bella is normally $22.50, but as a preferred customer you can snag it for $15.50.  The Affinia line is just as good and you can score these products for as low as $4.99. I have to tell you, these products work better than the normal brand name products that I have used that have cost me $24.95 and up! I recommend that you try these products out! Your hair will shine like the million bucks that you will be saving!