Philosophy Purity Made Simple – Travel Size

Many people know that Broke Girl Sandra Leah is on a relentless hunt for the absolute, perfect mascara.  I, on the other hand, had recently been on the lookout for an ideal facial cleanser.  I’d since grown out my teenage years of using Clearasil in the shower since I no longer have acne, and I typically used Target-brand makeup removing towelettes to quickly wipe my face before bed.  After being scolded by many of my beauty-regimented friends, I decided to try a few different facial cleansers to find a brand that I liked and worked well with my combination (both oily and dry) skin.  After a few failures, one friend suggested Philosophy Purity Made Simple, as it is a highly-rated, one-step facial cleanser that works (and cleans!) wonders.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple

Photo courtesy of Philosophy

I succumbed to my friend’s ravings and decided to give Purity Made Simple a shot – until I saw the price.  A 32 ounce bottle (albeit huge) is $50 at Sephora, and I wasn’t willing to pay so much for a cleanser that might not work with my skin or sufficiently deep clean.  I found the perfect solution – I bought a travel size!  I was able to try and test a higher-end facial cleanser at a low price; I purchased the 3 ounce travel size for only $10.

The verdict?  I love Philosophy Purity Made Simple!  It cleans my face and has a milky, smooth consistency.  Not only does it completely remove my makeup but it prevents any random pimples that may pop up here and there.  It doesn’t dry out my skin which happened with previous cleansers especially in semi-arid Denver, and it leaves my face smelling fresh.  Better yet, the travel size has lasted me many WEEKS as I only use a small amount at nighttime before bed.  I am finally running low on and will likely take the plunge and buy a larger size.

If you’re on the lookout for a new facial or makeup product but aren’t willing to pay a higher price, I definitely recommend trying a travel size before committing to the full purchase.  That way you can experiment with what you like and don’t like before spending a lot of moolah on the real thing.